What Happens Next?

For a lot of the students this will be the first time they will have been away from home and we are always eager to see that they are in good hands.

We will visit their parents here in England, to introduce ourselves, and make notes of likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests and generally answer any concerns the parents or students may have. The French students will go through a similar experience.  We then try to match you as close as possible with the information given, to a student with similar interests in Riorges.

This then gives you chance to correspond with your new French counterpart, prior to making the decision to visit.  These days, the Internet email system makes this part a lot easier.  We will then advise parents of the next collective meeting and dates of visits etc; so you can come and meet others who are interested in going to France and question ourselves and the 'veterans' who have already been to Riorges.




The Halifax Gibbet!!! 

Madamme Guillotine, English style.





Thinking about the language?    

Don't be put off.

Having listened to students reservations about conversing in a new language, we can understand the prospect could sound a bit daunting.  However, the experience is superb in that you will, after an initial period of combined guessing and learning, suddenly find yourself able to hold a conversation with a new friend who is equally eager to converse with you in your own native tongue as well as theirs.  Sometimes the translations can go slightly adrift and the results can be hilarious!!




Paintballing with the troopsPaintballing with the troops

For those having already mastered the basics in the classroom, what better way to test yourself and gain first hand experience than to try out your skills of your chosen language with a new found friend.



At the end of the day you can only gain, in both experience and knowledge, and it will certainly help with any exams you might be taking!!

So, the next step to take would be to contact us through the website or, even better, ring our present Honorary Co-President Mr. Andrew Mattingley and he can arrange a meeting between yourself and members of the Association, with your parents of course, and see what you think. Andrews telephone number is 01422 372867.

The adventure is only a phone call away!!!

or venture one final time through the arch into your new world via the website Email.

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