Links to other Town Twinnings within Calderdale

Brighouse Ludenscheid Society

The link between the towns of Brighouse and Lüdenscheid was founded in 1950 by Brighouse children's theatre which exchanged visits with a similar group in Lüdenscheid. In 1962 the twin link societies were formed with the aim to "bring a wealth of friendship and understanding to the two towns and to help draw our two nations together"

Halifax Aachen Society

The exchange between the city of Aachen and Halifax dates back to 1949 and came into being on the initiative of the British Military government.
Since that time an exchange has taken place each year either to Aachen from Halifax or to Halifax from Aachen. The exchange has always operated on an alternative year and a home to home basis. We believe that this is the best way to get to know a country and its people.