About Us

We are a voluntary organisation with the declared aim of promoting and fostering friendship and understanding between local people in the small West Yorkshire town of Elland and those of Riorges, an attractive small French town which adjoins Roanne in the "departement" of Rhone-Alpes. Riorges lies to the north west of Lyon, France's second city after Paris.


As an organisation, we have regular social and fund-raising events, with the annual exchanges being the highlight. Our Adult Exchange takes place once in the year, with an arrangement of alternating visits to Elland and to Riorges. Our Young Persons' Exchange has visits each way within the year. Visiting guests are hosted in families, and this has resulted in many long-standing friendships over a period of almost thirty years.


When we travel out to Riorges, we try to go as economically and comfortably as possible. In recent years, we have travelled by coach and air, but, in the past, we have also used Eurostar and the French TGV railway. Costs in Riorges beyond travel to get there have always been minimal. When our French guests come to Elland, hosting costs are well offset by the funds raised from our regular programme of activities and events.


Some people resist joining clubs, for whatever reason. However, we are not a "club" as such: we welcome support, of course, but people take part in those things which interest them and to which they can give time in their busy lives. We do not require an ability with the French language either! Some of our members do have an excellent command of the language; others are more interested in different aspects of French lifestyle, which, in an area of fine food, fine wine, a rich heritage and delightful weather can be very rewarding! All are interested in the enjoyment of good friendship, and currently we have around fifty members - but we are always looking out for more!


We hope you might consider joining us or, at least, telephone our Chairman (01422 374000) or Secretary (01422 354534) to find out more. Alternatively, you could E-Mail us using the contact point on these pages.